Brain Brilliance

A Revolutionary nutraceutical

Advanced Therapy for "Disconnect Disorders" of the Nervous System including Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

What is it

Brian Brilliance is a revolutionary group of cutting edge nutraceutical products that provide important therapeutic advantages to people with "Disconnect Disorders" of the nervous system such as ADD and ADHD. These products were developed to fill nutritional gaps that current, standard-of-care regimens overlook by supplying essential elements for maintaining cellular health in central and peripheral nervous system tissues..

Designed to Relieve Central Nervous System Disconnect Disorders

Brain Brilliance Enhance Spray

Brain Brilliance Enhance

Improves Focus
Stimulates Neurogenesis
Energizes Thinking
Improves Cognitive Skills 
Reduces Mental Fatigue
Relieves Stress
Reduces Atrophy

Brain Brilliance Knight powder

Brain Brilliance Knight

Maintains, Preserves,
& Repairs Brain Cells

Expands Nervous System Function
Increases Thinking Speed 
Smooths Cerebral Rhythm
Increases Blood Circulation
Stimulates Neurogenesis 
Increases Brain Plasticity
Prevents Atrophy
Prevents Demyelination
Prevents Memory Loss
Diminishes Anxiety & Stress
Reduces Ischemia
Reduces Brain Calcification

Brain Brilliance Detox Spray

Brain Brilliance Detox

Increases Cognitive Skills 
Increases Brain Power
Stimulates Neurogenesis 
Improves Mood
Increases Blood Circulation
Increases Brain Plasticity
Increases Brain Decalcification
Reduces Fatigue
Reduces Addiction
Reduces Demyelination
Reduces Memory Loss
Reduces Depression
Reduces Insomnia

How Does It Work?

The avant-garde Brain Brilliance products are carefully formulated to fuel nervous system tissues with a balanced combination of substances that are needed for normal, healthy cellular development and function. They enhance nervous system health by providing exact proportions of the essential elements that are required to build a strong cellular foundation for tissue repair. When these basic nutrients are available, nervous system tissues are best able to recover and restore function. By focusing on providing these elements, Brain Brilliance is specially designed to enhance your nervous system health – one cell at a time.

What's the science?

Thirty years of research, development, and clinical trials have led to the genesis of today's Brain Brilliance products. Brain Brilliance targets a new recovery pathway that emphasizes the overall health of the entire nervous system. Utilization of Brain Brilliance products has demonstrated amazing clinical outcomes. For patient testimonials click here.

Over the last 50 years, a growing number of people worldwide have been diagnosed with "Disconnect Disorders" of the nervous system. Some of the most common are: Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD), Dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease (AD), Concussion Brain Injury (CBI), Parkinson’s Disease (PD), and Cerebral Palsy (CP).

The direct causes of these conditions are not completely understood but they are thought to be encouraged by: environmental toxins, hazardous chemicals, genetically altered grains, hormones and antibiotics in livestock products, inadequate diet, sedentary lifestyle with low levels of physical and mental exercise, licit and illicit drugs, excess alcohol, and insufficient sleep. There is sound evidence that these exposures can cause an earlier and more rapid decline in mental and physical health.

It is unknown whether these factors lead directly to "Disconnect Disorders" or create a nutrient-poor environment that makes nervous system cells and tissues more vulnerable to these conditions. Brain Brilliance is targeted to nourish and support these tissues to repair themselves and regain function.

Where Does it Fit in the Spectrum of Care?

There are no single, effective treatments for "Disconnect Disorders" of the central nervous system. There are no known pharmaceutical 'cures' and many people find their current medications to be minimally helpful by only reducing certain symptoms. In other words, the crux of the problem has escaped a pharmaceutical solution. Brain Brilliance is the first broad-spectrum approach to utilize micro synergistic nutraceuticals to address the heart of the problem by enhancing cellular health and vitality across all the tissues of the nervous system.

Brain Brilliance saw a cellular-enrichment gap in current approaches to these disorders and developed micro-synergistic, nutraceutical products from ingredients that are properly selected, volume balanced, and chemically interfaced to fill it. Furthermore, we developed a unique, sophisticated delivery system to maximize absorption by nervous system tissues. For more about micro-synergistic formulations see :

"Disconnect Disorders" are challenging to manage and require a sweeping approach that takes both functional and nutritional deficits into account. We believe that the Brain Bright approach presents a new opportunity to achieve the most optimal outcomes possible.

how do I use it? 

Managing these challenging disorders requires using a broad brush and steady oversight to get the best outcomes. Brain Brilliance nutraceuticals provide the brush and the healthcare provider oversees and guides his or her own patients. In other words, patients reap the greatest benefits by incorporating all the tools at their disposal – Brain Brilliance products and the expertise of the healthcare provider.

These sophisticated products are not distributed directly to patients or to the general public because the specific utilization protocols require oversight by a healthcare provider to ensure that patients follow the steps needed to reach positive health outcomes.

The innovative Brain Bright Care Program can be used in addition to current therapies or on its own as an alternative to them. The Brain Bright Care Program has four steps:

1. Establish current health status. Gather records from previous healthcare providers. Request a fresh, up-to-date medical history if needed. Perform psychological and physiological tests that may further illuminate the scope of the condition. Determine diagnostic accuracy.

2. Select a Brain Bright protocol. Consider which of the recommended adjunctive protocols would best enhance the current plan of care.

3. Develop a plan to implement the Brain Bright protocol. Determine how to best incorporate Brain Brilliance products and the Brain Bright Care Program into the current regimen.

4. Instruct the patient on how to use Brain Bright products. Counsel them about how to optimize their results by adding the Brain Bright Dietary Program, aerobic exercise, cerebral exercise, laser therapeutics, chiropractic therapeutics, and oriental medicine. In addition, those taking Brain Bright products should be counseled to avoid exposures and lifestyle factors that damage nervous system tissues.