Disconnect Disorders

Brain Brilliance is a revolutionary group of cutting edge nutraceutical products that provide important therapeutic advantages to people with "Disconnect Disorders" of the nervous system such as ADD and ADHD. These products were developed to fill nutritional gaps that current, standard-of-care regimens overlook by supplying essential elements for maintaining cellular health in central and peripheral nervous system tissues..

how does it work?

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What's the science?

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where does it fit?

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- These products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. -

Brain Brilliance Enhancement

Improves Focus
Stimulates Neurogenesis
Energizes Thinking
Improves Cognitive Skills 
Reduces Mental Fatigue
Relieves Stress
Reduces Atrophy


Brain Brilliance Detox

Maintains, Preserves,
& Repairs Brain Cells
Expands Nervous System Function
Increases Thinking Speed 
Smooths Cerebral Rhythm
Increases Blood Circulation
Stimulates Neurogenesis 
Increases Brain Plasticity
Prevents Atrophy
Prevents Demyelination
Prevents Memory Loss
Diminishes Anxiety & Stress
Reduces Ischemia
Reduces Brain Calcification


Brain Brilliance Knight

Increases Cognitive Skills 
Increases Brain Power
Stimulates Neurogenesis 
Improves Mood
Increases Blood Circulation
Increases Brain Plasticity
Increases Brain Decalcification
Reduces Fatigue
Reduces Addiction
Reduces Demyelination
Reduces Memory Loss
Reduces Depression
Reduces Insomnia