Brain Brilliance

Why are we different from any other developmental nutraceutical company?

Over thirty years of research, development and application of various nutraceutical programs caring for a patient population with nervous system disorders has evolved into producing clinical outcomes that are absolutely amazing. This has driven our group to the organization of Brain Brilliance, Inc, to lead the industry on a virtual new pathway for patient care and recovering the health of the nervous system.  Earth’s population is afflicted with “Disconnect Brain and Central Nervous System Disorders”.Some of the common and ever growing “Disconnect” maladies are: Attention Deficit Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, Dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease, Concussion Brain injuries, Parkinson’s Disease, and Cerebral Palsy just to name a few.

These conditions are partially the result of and or are propagated by environmental pollution, chemical toxicity, genetically altered grain, inoculation of live stock with antibiotic and hormonal products, dietary deficiencies, poor general physical condition and many others.

At this time there are no known effective pharmaceuticals in the market place that have the “cure” for these conditions. The present products used minimally help or mask the symptoms, not getting to the crux of the problem. Only too frequently results in palliation of the disorder at best. This approach attempts to help the patient become more comfortable and hope for the best. There are no broad spectrum approaches that are used to approach the issues at hand until now. No one up to this time has presented an all encompassing formulated program of broad protocols in an attempt to approach the care from all possible directions. A careful balancing of the necessary nutraceutical ingredients coupled with a sophisticated and effective absorptive process that fulfills the need of the nervous system is the first step. The second step is the adjunctive protocols. 

These challenging disorders require a very broad sweeping brush in the management of these conditions. Taking this track presents the best opportunity for the patient to experience the most possible promising outcome. Accomplishing the ultimate outcome requires the physician to have keen oversight as one would find in a world class concert musical director that guides his orchestra to emit the most wonderful music within the groups ability. The physician needs to incorporate all the tools at their disposal to harvest that fine outcome. 

Micro Synergistic Nutraceuticals are very important in the management of these challenging neurological conditions. There is a spectrum of protocols that are helpful in assisting the patient’s improvement facilitating a better outcome. Those additional recommended treatment protocols are: avoidance of environmental and chemical hazards, unhealthy food products, a healthy diet, aerobic exercise, mental exercise, laser therapeutics, Chiropractic adjustments, and Oriental Medicine. 

The “Micro Synergistic Nutraceuticals” designed and developed by Brain Brilliance, Inc. in order to provide the nutraceutical cellular fuel that is necessary for the health of the brain, central and peripheral nervous system tissue are: Brian Bright Enhancement, Brain Bright Detox, Brain Bright Knight. 

These sophisticated products will not be distributed directly to the general population. There is a strict utilization protocol that must accompany the use of these products. A physician’s oversight is necessary to ensure that the patient follows all of the protocol elements that will lead to enhanced patient outcomes. 

Only those physicians that are familiar with the proper use of the products and adhere to these recommended protocols will enable them to distribute Brain Brilliance, Inc.’s products. These strict adherences will enhance the patient’s outcome. Those proven knowledgeable physicians that adhere to the spirit of the recommended protocols will be awarded the status of being a member of the “Brain Bright Certified Physicians Association, Inc.”.