Physician Registration

These unique micro-synergistic nutraceuticals were designed and developed by Brain Brilliance, Inc. to have the necessary ingredients to fuel potential development of a healthy nervous system. Our products will not be distributed directly to the general public. Oversight by a licensed healthcare provider is necessary to adequately manage development of the care plan and compliance with it. Only healthcare providers who become familiar with the nuances of Brain Brilliance products and are willing to consider incorporating the Brain Bright Care Program into their practices will distribute Brain Brilliance, Inc. products. Knowledgeable healthcare providers who understand the spirit of the Brain Bright Care Program will be awarded the status of 'Member' in the Brain Bright Certified Physicians Association, Inc. 


Physician Information Necessary to Gain Access to Products and Additional Information
"All Fields of Application Must be Completed"
Notice: Impresonating a Licensed Physician is a Violation of Federal and State Laws.
Persons Violating Federal and State Laws will be Prosecuted.