Managing these challenging disorders requires using a broad brush and steady oversight to get the best outcomes. Brain Brilliance nutraceuticals provide the brush and the healthcare provider oversees and guides his or her own patients. In other words, patients reap the greatest benefits by incorporating all the tools at their disposal – Brain Brilliance products and the expertise of the healthcare provider. 

These sophisticated products are not distributed directly to patients or to the general public because the specific utilization protocols require oversight by a healthcare provider to ensure that patients follow the steps needed to reach positive health outcomes. 

The innovative Brain Bright Care Program can be used in addition to current therapies or on its own as an alternative to them. The Brain Bright Care Program has four steps: 

1. Establish current health status. Gather records from previous healthcare providers. Request a fresh, up-to-date medical history if needed. Perform psychological and physiological tests that may further illuminate the scope of the condition. Determine diagnostic accuracy. 

2. Select a Brain Bright protocol. Consider which of the recommended adjunctive protocols would best enhance the current plan of care. 

3. Develop a plan to implement the Brain Bright protocol. Determine how to best incorporate Brain Brilliance products and the Brain Bright Care Program into the current regimen. 

4. Instruct the patient on how to use Brain Bright products. Counsel them about how to optimize their results by adding the Brain Bright Dietary Program, aerobic exercise, cerebral exercise, laser therapeutics, chiropractic therapeutics, and oriental medicine. In addition, those taking Brain Bright products should be counseled to avoid exposures and lifestyle factors that damage nervous system tissues.