Brain Bright Certified Physicians Association, Inc.

Build a Successful "Disconnect Disorders" Specialty Practice

Become certified in the Brain Bright Care Program and join a prestigious, specialized group of providers caring for central nervous system disorders.

Learn to effectively care for “Disconnect Disorders” which encompass a range of common nervous system pathologies such as ADD and ADHD.

Become certified to prescribe the only micro-synergistic nutraceutical products in the market place that are designed specifically for these disorders.

Become proficient in designing regimens using the Brain Bright Care Program that will give your patients the best chance to improve.

Develop a reputation as a specialist in "Disconnect Brain and Central Nervous System Disorders".

Participate in the Brain Bright patient outcome data monitoring program which gathers measureable data on patient progress to further support protocol effectiveness. Monitored data includes pre- and post-use: mental/ psychological testing, biofeedback testing, 24 hour urinalysis, etc...